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Elk Grove Milling, Inc. has been providing high quality horse feed to California’s Northern Valley since 1982. The Mill is nestled in the heart of horse country. Local horse owners have placed their trust in our product for years. Bob Lent, owner of Elk Grove Milling, Inc., continues to maintain his original commitment to provide a product that goes above and beyond any other horse feed product on the market.



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18 10 2012
anthony o'connell

Please forgive me i am confused. I want to start using this feed along with my alfalfa which i think is a mistake, however my old horse god bless him is 30. Can i not feed half a flake of alfalfa along with say eight ponds of stable mix senior? I also have a 20 year old horse very healthy can i use the same plan. The 250 pond barrel is a great idea but not something i think i can throw of my truck. Is the plastic barrel made of stout material. Thank you. deb and scot fallon nevada.

1 11 2012


You can feed Stable Mix by itself since it is a balanced complete feed or you can feed it as a supplement along with hay. If you feed it as a supplement you need to feed at least 5 lbs/day in order for your horse to recieve the vitamins and minerals.
You can visit our website http://www.elkgrovemilling.com to read about each of our balalced complete feeds for your horse.

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