Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship Project R.I.D.E Fundraiser

22 12 2013

Announcing a Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship and Stable Mix Feed fundraising event for Project R.I.D.E.<>

A Premier NARHA acredited program.

February 8 & 9. 2014

Project R.I.D.E.

Elk Grove, CA


Dennis & Deborah will be sharing their love and knowledge of horses all weekend! Watch as they demonstrate using natural horsemanship techniques on their own horses and gently and effectively help local horses over two days.


Dennis will explain and answer your horse training questions as he works. And you will be a part of our live audience-we’ll be filming each tour stop for RFD TV. Your ticket to watch our easy-to-follow problem solving system in action is only $10.00 for one or both days! AND your $10.00 admission fee will be donated to Project R.I.D.E.<>


This weekend is for horse lovers! We hope to get to know you and share two full days of Inspiration – Education and Motivation! Dennis Reis teaches humans to speak the horse’s language-. Speak to a horse in his own language, and he will be a reliable, confident, safe, partner.


Dennis will be working with a local horse at this Project R.I.D.E. fund raiser – the cost for Dennis to work with your horse is $500.00 for both days. This fee will be donated to Project R.I.D.E.


If you would like Dennis Reis to work with your horse at our Project R.I.D.E. event please click here<> – or call 800-732-8220


Do you have a horse with a behavioral issue such as bucking, kicking, hard to catch, can’t saddle or resistant to trailer loading? Do you have a horse that needs to be restarted or maybe you have a horse that is coming along nicely but you would like it taken to a new level of excellence.


We are non-breed and non-discipline specific! To us, owning a horse is a dream made real. Horses are creatures of great beauty and it is a wonder that they let us ride upon them. During our No Dust Tour weekends, we strive to communicate that the horse is never wrong and the natural horsemanship techniques will never fail you. We believe an animal this wondrous and rare deserves the best from us humans and that our skills need to be constantly examined and refined. With over 28 years of experience Dennis Reis and Universal Horsemanship Techniques have proven their excellence with results both inside and out of the arena. Join us for an unforgettable weekend and go home with insight and education to last a lifetime!


2014 Stable Mix Calendar!!!!!!

22 12 2013

Congrats to all our winners and runner ups! You all submitted terrific pictures! 

You can pick up a calendar or two at your local feed store in a few weeks as we are getting them printed and sent off to our retailers.


Select the link below to see the Elk Grove Milling 2014 Calendar featuring the Photo Contest Winners –
Open the PDF version of the calendar here;


Rice Bran

9 12 2013
ImageThe benefits of having rice bran in our Stable Mix products!
Its main advantage is its content of fat. Which is a whopping 10%. It is highly palatable and digestible for horses. With rice bran feed, horses get an additional supplement of …fiber. The advantage of which is that it prevents the horse from having any digestive problems. It also contains Gamma Orynzol which helps to build and repair muscles and also increase lean muscle mass of the horses. The body condition of the horses has improved after taking the supplements of rice bran. It contains vitamin B and several other minerals like thiamin, niacin etc (mentioned above) which take part in several chemical reactions and help to generate energy for the body. It eliminates the problems of digestion caused by mere grain feeding which contains high levels of carbohydrates. It works as a potential ingredient in the therapeutic diets which are given to horses who have the danger of tying up. Rice bran has known to work well for performance horses and for horses that are young and growing. However, it is important to understand that rice bran is only an addition and supplement to the horse’s diet. It should not replace the entire diet. The vitamin and mineral supplement needs to be provided for separately. But all in all, rice bran for horses has proved to be a boon for all horse owners.

Senior Stable Mix

7 11 2013

Se n i o r S t a b l e M i x

For those special friends who have entered their golden

years Senior Stable Mix is formulated to meet the particular

challenges they face. Research has shown that senior and

geriatric horses are less able to absorb protein and for this

reason our

•Senior Stable Mix provides a minimum of 13.5% crude

protein, 3.5% more than the standard Stable Mix.

Senior Stable Mix utilizes Zinpro’s premier organic

performance minerals.

Pellets reduce the need for chewing, a real bonus for

seniors with poor teeth.

Senior Stable Mix pellets include not only almond hulls

but also a second super fiber; beet pulp. Together these

fibers help provide your senior horse with an easily

digestible and safe form of energy.

• The level of rice bran is increased in the Senior Stable

Mix pellet which results in an overall higher fat content

(3.5%) than the original Stable Mix. Fat is easily digested

and a safer energy source than grains especially for

those senior horses with Cushing’s disease and insulin



Se n i o r  w i t h  G l u c o s a m i n e a n d  Ch o n d r o i t i n

It is becoming increasingly popular for feeds to include

sources of joint support, something that Elk Grove Milling has

been doing for 31 years. When feeding at least 12lbs per day,

our Stable Mix and Stable Mix Senior will provide your horse

with 2000mg of glucosamine hydrochloride and 700mg of

chondroitin sulfate.

Vitamins and Minerals use in horses

17 10 2013

The right balance of vitamins and minerals in a horses diet is essential part in keeping the horse healthy.

But what do vitamins do for the horse?

  • Vitamin A, C, promotes immune function
  • Vitamin D, promotes bone health
  • Vitamin E, promotes muscle tissue integrity.
  • Fat provides energy, as do soluble carbohydrates.
  • The balance between calcium and phosphorus is important in maintaining bone quality.
  • Magnesium levels are important to ensure that a variety of enzymes throughout the body functions properly.
  • Sulfur maintains hoof and hair quality
  • Copper is for bone development and hemoglobin functions
  • Zinc is for protein synthesis and metabolism
  • Selenium is for maintaining healthy cell membranes

Is your horse getting all the right vitamins and minerals from their feed? Check the ingredients we put in Stablemix, it’s a well balanced blend of all the necessary nutrients to keep your horse healthy.


Stable Mix Horses Keep the Weight On – Customer Story

12 10 2013

We received this inspiring e-mail from a customer recently – this is why we do what we do, because the results are happy healthy horses.

“Hi Sherri,

I’m back from my trip to Arizona and Utah for 5 weeks with the horses.  I brought a lot of Stable Mix with me, one full barrel plus I had a dozen bags plus a couple more containers with two bags worth each in them.  The horses just thrived on the feed, and it was so much easier feeding them more EGM pellets and not having to have as much hay.  It rained on us a lot on this trip, and we had to camp for weeks in mud.  The hay that I did have took a lot of work to keep from going bad with all of the rain, but the Stable Mix was great as I had it in my first horse stall or in the back seat of my truck.  Both horses completed 7 days of rides, or 350 miles each for a total of 14 rides and 700 miles plus several days of trail marking.  I don’t think either horse lost any weight and came home looking just as good as when they left on the trip.  Everybody is always asking me how do I keep my horses weight so well.  I always tell them it’s the StableMix!

I saw your post on FB about the Sport Horse mix having G&C in it and was wondering if I could try that in place of the 2 bags of the senior mix?  I’d love to give it a try and see what the horses think as I think that many other horses out there could benefit from having a higher calorie feed.  I see so many horses coming to these rides that are way too thin, and the riders are spending $27 or more per bag of feed and still can’t keep weight on their horses.  The ones I have converted to Stable Mix are doing really well and I think more can too, we just need to get the word out.

Chief passed the 14,000 mile mark on this last ride, Bo went over 7,000 and I made 35,000.  Here are a couple of photos of Chief and I.  I also have a nice one of Bo but need to get it from the ride photographer.  Let me know if you want more photos or for me to do another writeup for you guys.  Thanks again for your sponsorship — it really helps me a lot.

Happy Trails, Karen”

StableMix Horse

StableMix horse on a trail ride


New Sport Horse Mix with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

30 09 2013

We have added G&C to our popular Sport Horse Mix. Horses in moderate work have a higher calorie and protein requirement and their bodies are subject to stresses that idle horses are not subjected to. EGM Sport Horse Mix with G&C supports the moderately working horse regardless of discipline. Energy levels in Sport Horse Mix with G&C are elevated through the use of fat from rice bran and copra meal not grain. This maintains a low nonstructural carbohydrate (NSC) level (<15%) and reduces the risk of hot and fizzy behavior often associated with elevated NSC. Copra meal provides cool energy from coconut oil a saturated fat. Additionally copra meal is high in the amino acid glutamine which helps support healing of gut tissue an important benefit for performance horses at greater risk of developing gastric ulcers.

As a complete feed EGM Sport Horse Mix with G&C is high fiber (28%) and is formulated to be fed without additional hay in the ration. Unlike hay, when fed as directed, Sport Horse Mix with G&C will provide your horse with all the necessary vitamins and minerals insuring a balanced mineral profile for health and performance. To support your horse’s hooves Sport Horse Mix with G&C provides biotin which research has shown will improve hoof health when used long term. Visit to find a dealer near you.

Sport Horses