Elk Grove Milling Barrel Program

10 09 2014

We have a unique barrel program. Elk Grove Milling packages Stable Mix products and other forage feeds in 50 # bags and also specially chosen recycled 55 gal drums, which hold 250# of pellets. The barrels are a deposit item only, not for resale and are the sole property of Elk Grove Milling, Inc. When barrels of feed are empty, customer will return the barrel to a feedstore which carries EGM products in exchange for a full barrel of pellets. The deposit for the barrel is a one time fee. The 55-gallon drums come in two styles*: 1. Open mouth barrels. These have no top but vinyl caps are available for purchase, and 2. Black barrel twist top lid. For ease in handling and quality control, most feed stores prefer the twist top barrels. Due to Elk Grove Milling’s pelleting process, our feeds are “Certified Weed Free” by the state of California Department of Food and Agriculture. Our feeds are welcome in the Federal parks, BLM land and the US Forest Service lands. Having “Certified Weed Free” printed on the bags and the ingredient tags, ensures ease in entering parks and other states. If any, weed seed particles are non-viable, thus preventing the spread of noxious weeds. Many individuals who enjoy trail riding in the hills, mountains, out of state, hunting, etc. enjoy the benefit of feeding EGM pellets. Our pellets are cleaner, less waste and approved by State of California Department of Food and Ag.




2 responses

10 09 2014
janine behrens

I am looking into getting a silo with your product. I have, however, met with resistance from feed stores regarding returning the barrels (I have 5) and getting my deposit back. They are insisting a present the receipt for the barrel deposit. I have been using your product for years and there is no way I can come up with receipts. Ideas?
Best, janine

10 09 2014

The feed stores are refusing to give back your deposit for the 5 barrels? What feed store are you returning barrels to?

Do you have a silo? How many horses are you currently feeding? If you can give me as much info as possible I can get you into contact with the right person in our office to give you a quote for the product you are looking to feed. Where are you located?


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