Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship Project R.I.D.E Fundraiser

22 12 2013

Announcing a Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship and Stable Mix Feed fundraising event for Project R.I.D.E.<>

A Premier NARHA acredited program.

February 8 & 9. 2014

Project R.I.D.E.

Elk Grove, CA


Dennis & Deborah will be sharing their love and knowledge of horses all weekend! Watch as they demonstrate using natural horsemanship techniques on their own horses and gently and effectively help local horses over two days.


Dennis will explain and answer your horse training questions as he works. And you will be a part of our live audience-we’ll be filming each tour stop for RFD TV. Your ticket to watch our easy-to-follow problem solving system in action is only $10.00 for one or both days! AND your $10.00 admission fee will be donated to Project R.I.D.E.<>


This weekend is for horse lovers! We hope to get to know you and share two full days of Inspiration – Education and Motivation! Dennis Reis teaches humans to speak the horse’s language-. Speak to a horse in his own language, and he will be a reliable, confident, safe, partner.


Dennis will be working with a local horse at this Project R.I.D.E. fund raiser – the cost for Dennis to work with your horse is $500.00 for both days. This fee will be donated to Project R.I.D.E.


If you would like Dennis Reis to work with your horse at our Project R.I.D.E. event please click here<> – or call 800-732-8220


Do you have a horse with a behavioral issue such as bucking, kicking, hard to catch, can’t saddle or resistant to trailer loading? Do you have a horse that needs to be restarted or maybe you have a horse that is coming along nicely but you would like it taken to a new level of excellence.


We are non-breed and non-discipline specific! To us, owning a horse is a dream made real. Horses are creatures of great beauty and it is a wonder that they let us ride upon them. During our No Dust Tour weekends, we strive to communicate that the horse is never wrong and the natural horsemanship techniques will never fail you. We believe an animal this wondrous and rare deserves the best from us humans and that our skills need to be constantly examined and refined. With over 28 years of experience Dennis Reis and Universal Horsemanship Techniques have proven their excellence with results both inside and out of the arena. Join us for an unforgettable weekend and go home with insight and education to last a lifetime!




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