Senior Stable Mix

7 11 2013

Se n i o r S t a b l e M i x

For those special friends who have entered their golden

years Senior Stable Mix is formulated to meet the particular

challenges they face. Research has shown that senior and

geriatric horses are less able to absorb protein and for this

reason our

•Senior Stable Mix provides a minimum of 13.5% crude

protein, 3.5% more than the standard Stable Mix.

Senior Stable Mix utilizes Zinpro’s premier organic

performance minerals.

Pellets reduce the need for chewing, a real bonus for

seniors with poor teeth.

Senior Stable Mix pellets include not only almond hulls

but also a second super fiber; beet pulp. Together these

fibers help provide your senior horse with an easily

digestible and safe form of energy.

• The level of rice bran is increased in the Senior Stable

Mix pellet which results in an overall higher fat content

(3.5%) than the original Stable Mix. Fat is easily digested

and a safer energy source than grains especially for

those senior horses with Cushing’s disease and insulin



Se n i o r  w i t h  G l u c o s a m i n e a n d  Ch o n d r o i t i n

It is becoming increasingly popular for feeds to include

sources of joint support, something that Elk Grove Milling has

been doing for 31 years. When feeding at least 12lbs per day,

our Stable Mix and Stable Mix Senior will provide your horse

with 2000mg of glucosamine hydrochloride and 700mg of

chondroitin sulfate.




3 responses

28 06 2014
Anita Rushworth

What is the sugar content of the Senior Stable Mix? Why isn’t it included in the list of ingredients? I have an older mare who needs a low carb diet. I would not feed her grain hay, the first ingredient listed. I need to be convinced that this is a good choice for her.

28 06 2014

Senior Stable Mix does not contain molasses. The first ingredient is Mix grain hay. If your looking for low carb try our Timothy hay pellet.

11 09 2014

The Senior Stable Mix has a low NSC level. This mix along with our other mixes do not contain molasses. Ingredients are all natural. Grain hay on the ingredient list is mixed grain hay such as forage mix (4 way). Everything we use in the senior mix is what the senior horse requires without molasses. They are getting 13.5% protein and 3.5% fat along with beet pulp, rice bran, and daily vitamins and minerals.

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