Vitamins and Minerals use in horses

17 10 2013

The right balance of vitamins and minerals in a horses diet is essential part in keeping the horse healthy.

But what do vitamins do for the horse?

  • Vitamin A, C, promotes immune function
  • Vitamin D, promotes bone health
  • Vitamin E, promotes muscle tissue integrity.
  • Fat provides energy, as do soluble carbohydrates.
  • The balance between calcium and phosphorus is important in maintaining bone quality.
  • Magnesium levels are important to ensure that a variety of enzymes throughout the body functions properly.
  • Sulfur maintains hoof and hair quality
  • Copper is for bone development and hemoglobin functions
  • Zinc is for protein synthesis and metabolism
  • Selenium is for maintaining healthy cell membranes

Is your horse getting all the right vitamins and minerals from their feed? Check the ingredients we put in Stablemix, it’s a well balanced blend of all the necessary nutrients to keep your horse healthy.





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