Stable Mix Horses Keep the Weight On – Customer Story

12 10 2013

We received this inspiring e-mail from a customer recently – this is why we do what we do, because the results are happy healthy horses.

“Hi Sherri,

I’m back from my trip to Arizona and Utah for 5 weeks with the horses.  I brought a lot of Stable Mix with me, one full barrel plus I had a dozen bags plus a couple more containers with two bags worth each in them.  The horses just thrived on the feed, and it was so much easier feeding them more EGM pellets and not having to have as much hay.  It rained on us a lot on this trip, and we had to camp for weeks in mud.  The hay that I did have took a lot of work to keep from going bad with all of the rain, but the Stable Mix was great as I had it in my first horse stall or in the back seat of my truck.  Both horses completed 7 days of rides, or 350 miles each for a total of 14 rides and 700 miles plus several days of trail marking.  I don’t think either horse lost any weight and came home looking just as good as when they left on the trip.  Everybody is always asking me how do I keep my horses weight so well.  I always tell them it’s the StableMix!

I saw your post on FB about the Sport Horse mix having G&C in it and was wondering if I could try that in place of the 2 bags of the senior mix?  I’d love to give it a try and see what the horses think as I think that many other horses out there could benefit from having a higher calorie feed.  I see so many horses coming to these rides that are way too thin, and the riders are spending $27 or more per bag of feed and still can’t keep weight on their horses.  The ones I have converted to Stable Mix are doing really well and I think more can too, we just need to get the word out.

Chief passed the 14,000 mile mark on this last ride, Bo went over 7,000 and I made 35,000.  Here are a couple of photos of Chief and I.  I also have a nice one of Bo but need to get it from the ride photographer.  Let me know if you want more photos or for me to do another writeup for you guys.  Thanks again for your sponsorship — it really helps me a lot.

Happy Trails, Karen”

StableMix Horse

StableMix horse on a trail ride





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