Customer Testimonial

25 04 2013

“Last year we had a friend of ours ask if we wanted to take on a colt she had. He was a beautiful Arab colt and had been born 39 days early, so he needed lots of extra feed and care. By one month of age we had him eating a mix of stable mix pellets along with a foalac supplement, vitamins and antibiotics because he needed to have surgery on his legs to correct a possible deformity etc…the stable mix not only masking the taste of antibiotics but it also gave that colt the extra nutrients he needed to gain weight and strength. His dam too benefited because the stable mix gave her the extra calories she needed to help her keep weight while feeding the colt. I fully believe that the stable mix made the difference in both of their lives. Today they are both healthy horses and the colt, that is now a yearling is at the proper weight and height charts for colts his age. All of our horses get stable mix on a daily basis and in cold winter months, it is the extra help they need to maintain weight and keep their bodies warm. I love stable mix!”
Marijane Nichols, Lockeford, Arabians




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