Tidbits on Pellets

16 01 2013

One of the major advantages of pellets is that, compared to other types of feed, they are very low in dust. “Compete” pelleted feeds can include not only grains, but vitamins and other supplements. And manufacturers have created many types of pelleted mixes to suit all sorts of horses, no matter their activities.

Pelleted feeds are significantly less dusty than loose or baled hay, or unprocessed grains (when not coated with molasses). This can be an important factor if you are feeding a horse with respiratory problems. It also makes working with pellets a pleasure–just scoop and pour, with no coughing necessary! Because pellets are not coated with molasses as are most commercial sweet feeds, they are also easier to handle in the winter, when molasses can freeze as hard as concrete.




One response

16 01 2013
AlmostAnArk Gypsy Vanners

Pellets also make it much easier to control portions so weight issues can be managed effectively.

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