Shelf life

11 12 2012

A little bit of info so you get your money’s worth!!

Once again the uniformity of the pelleted feed is its very strong point, in that each pellet contains the amino acids, lysine, minerals and also vitamins that the animal needs. The price tag is also a most advantageous feature. Take for example the fact that the pellets are completely digestible you will not find any of them in your horse’s manure, thus having wasted your money. Instead, you will save money since the feed is not wasted. In addition to the foregoing, since pellets are specially formulated to store easily, they will not spoil like other feeds, and even changing temperatures have no influence on the appearance, taste, and structure of the pellets. Shelf lives range from one month to about a month and one half, giving you more time than textured feed before needing to replace the feed!

So pick up your stable mix product today and some more to store for the winter!




3 responses

11 12 2012

I feed my senior mare 4 pounds per day to supplement her Oat hay and go through a barrel every 2 months. The barrel is stored inside the barn and the pellets seem fine, no weird “off” smell. Is she not getting the full nutrition from the pellets because they have been in the barrel a bit longer than their shelf life?

11 12 2012

Carey- the feed will not be deficient if kept longer than our label reads for shelf life. As long as its stored inside and doesn’t get a draft, the feed will keep its nutrients! She will still be getting her daily vitamins & minerals.

11 09 2014

You must feed 6 lbs to make sure she is getting her daily vitamins and minerals.

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