Customer Testimonial

20 11 2012

Today’s customer testimonial- “Stable Mix is really easy to pack when your on the road showing and helps prevent colic when competing due to feed changes.”
-Georgia Langsam on her 14 yo Swedish Warmblood Stallion.




2 responses

20 11 2012
Kathryn Wickstrom

I have used Stable Mix for over a year and like the results on my horses and, our boarders horses as well. Given the high cost of hay Stable Mix is a great way to feed less hay and still maintain weight or, add weight if needed. Boarders appreciate we have not raised the monthly board because we found Stable Mix and our monthly expenses for feed have been contained and manageable. I am a fan of Stable Mix and I highly recommend it to anyone.

20 11 2012

Thank you Kathryn! We appreciate your kind word! I am going to post your testimonial on our FB page if that is alright? Do you have any pics you could send me to post on our FB page as well?
Stable Mix is a blessing in disguise! Makes feeding quick and easy.less mess. My horses are all fans of it and ticking their buckets for pellets every feeding! Glad your boarders are happy with the consistency as well. We love to hear that!
Please if you have pics email me at so I can post to our FB page along with wonderful testimonial!
We also appreciate your business!

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