Overview of EGM

16 11 2012

We, at Elk Grove Milling, Inc., take the guess work out of feeding your horse. We offer several different pelleted rations for your mature idle and light working horse (Stable Mix)*, to the moderating and hardworking horse (Sport Horse Mix and Cutter-Roper Mix), the senior (Senior Stable Mix)*, and even your newest addition to the herd, your foal (Get Go).

Our pellets are designed to meet your horse’s daily nutritional needs. Each of these specific pelleted rations consist of proper protein content (ranging from 9% to 13.5%), hay (nutrient profile), almond hulls (super fiber), soybean meal (essential amino acids), rice bran (essential fatty acids), and the daily vitamins and minerals including essential amino acids for healthy hooves, coat, and overall health that every horse requires.

Stable Mix cuts down on feed costs, waste, and aids in respiratory health by eliminating ammonia content from excess dietary protein. Check with your local feed store to try Stable Mix today.



*Stable Mix comes with or without Glucosamine and Chondroitin.




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