Feeding the Senior Horse

1 11 2012

Feeding the senior horse can be tricky at times, especially when it comes winter time. Their body condition needs special attention…Here are a few keep points to help your senior horse along.

If you notice your senior horses body condition start to suffer, have your horses teeth check every 6-12 months. Their teeth change as they age so the ability to chew and absorb the nutrients is crucial.  Also, their hay diet may not supply them with the nutrients that they require. Providing your senior horses forage intake as a hay pellet or in some cases switching the entire ration to a fortified complete feed containing quality sources of protein maybe beneficial.  Other reasons for weight loss in the senior horse should also be considered that geriatric horses may no longer be able to hustle for position at shared feeders. They may get picked on by younger horses and a change of housing could be necessary. Also with age, arthritis can reduce their desire to get up and eat. These issues along with other can cause weight loss. Other management changes such as blanketing may help the issue. Blanketing can be beneficial as it allows them to maintain body temperature and conserve calories to maintain body weight. Spend time with your horse and observe how they act in their environment. Since senior horses don’t rebound as quickly, prevention is key. While a senior horse can take a little more care and attention to keep them fit and healthy they will reward your efforts with a special relationship that only a senior horse can offer.

Elk Grove Milling provides a number of feeding solutions for seniors. Stable Mix Senior is a fortified complete feed that when fed per recommendations will meet all your senior horse’s nutritional needs.




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1 11 2012
janine behrens

Hi, Do I need to send reciepts with my barrel tags to get my free bag coupons?
My friend said she just sends in the tags. Love your product!
customer id # 0819

1 11 2012

Yes, we would like you to send your receipts in along with your tags! Thank you.

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