Fall is finally here!

1 11 2012

Fall is finally here!

We would like to thank all the people who submitted their photos for the 2013 Stable Mix Calendar Contest! We are in the process of choose our winners and they will be announced 12/1/2012.

We appreciate everyone who believes in our feed and the photos show just that. Their horses have silky, shiny coats, strong hooves, excellent body condition (without hay belly), and overall great health.

Everybody is a winner in our book.

If your one of the customers that is feeding more than 4 barrels or 20 bags per month, go to our website and sign up for the “Stable Mix Club.” For every 4 barrels or 20  bags you purchase you recieve One(1) bag free. Sign up online and start sending in your tags for your free bag! Makes a difference in the long run.

Send tags to 8320 Eschinger Rd

Elk Grove, CA 95757  ATT: Stable Mix Club





4 responses

27 11 2012
Lynnette Rollins

can I mix Senior and regular Stable Mix tags, and I just cut the numbers not the Elk Grove title, and I don’t have the receipts,
Can I still send in? Thanks

27 11 2012

Lynnette- you can only send in stable mix or senior tags. Can’t mix tags for free bag. Must be the same type.
Thank you for asking!

10 12 2012
christina avila

I have several tags as i feed 16 barrels per month and i haven’t sent any tags in can i send them all in at once?like 30 or so tags

11 12 2012

Christina- send those tags in (ALL of them) and we would be glad to send you your free bags! Make sure you signed up online first before sending the tags in so we have your information in the system!

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