New Products for Summer 2011

20 07 2011

This year at the 2011 Western States Horse Expo, Elk Grove Milling revealed our newest products. We are proud to announce many new products to our great line of feeds. Our new feeds range from specialized beef, sheep, and goat feed to specialized Mule and Sport Horse feeds. We even added a new treat to our line of products!

This past year we discontinued Corral Mix, which was a generalized feed for goats, sheep and steer. We instead focused on the different and specific needs of those animals, creating an individualized feed for each animal. Our Beef, Goat and Sheep Mix™ have all received great feedback and the animals seem to be happy campers. These new products are still available in the 50 lb bag and 250 lb twist top barrel, just as Corral Mix was offered. We have found that focusing on the individual needs of animals allows each feed to give their respective animal the best combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

In addition to our new Corral of Products, we are proud to announce 3 new lines to our Stable of Products. Mule Fuel™, our new specialized complete feed for mules, donkeys, jacks and miniature horses is a great addition to the Stable Mix family. Lower in protein and fat but higher in fiber, this mix is the ideal feed for the smaller members of the equine family.

On the other end of the spectrum, Elk Grove Milling has designed a feed to support moderate working horses in all disciplines. Our Sport Horse Mix™ is specially designed to be a perfect middle point between our regular Stable Mix™ and our Performance Stable Mix™. Our Sport Horse Mix™ also has a lower level of NSC (a maximum of 15%). Sport Horse Mix™ also contains Copra meal which is a natural cooling agent that provides a good source of protein and healthy fats while keeping horses cool and energized.

Our newest addition to the Stable Mix Family is our new Stable Mix Treat™. Our new treats are made with apple pomace, oat hay, almond hulls, alfalfa hay, flax, rice bran and oats then pelletized into a 1 1/8 inch sized pellet. The apple tastes delicious to the horses while the hay, rice bran, almond hulls and oats give them added nutrients! Our treats are being sold in 3.5 lb bags. We sampled them at Horse Expo and received such positive feedback that they will soon be available in feed stores through out California. Just check out our website for a dealer near you and call to request Stable Mix Treats.

Visit your feed store today and pick up a bag of Stable Mix Horse treats. The treat is the same high quality all natural product you are use to getting with all Stable Mix products. We hope you enjoy the new additions to our Elk Grove Milling products!

Happy Trails




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