Horse Expo 2011

21 06 2011

This year’s Horse Expo was a great success.  It seemed lighter in attendance than previous years but overall we had a good time and hope everyone who visited us can say the same.  There were a lot of old customers that came by to say hi and see what new things we were offering.  Many new and returning customers stopped by as well to introduce themselves and ask questions.   We really want to say thank you to all our customers, old and new.  We wouldn’t be where we are without your support.

We have several new additions to our feed line and the 2011 Horse Expo was the perfect opportunity for us to inform the public of our new feeds we have come out with.  These additions include Mule Fuel Mix, Sport Horse Mix, Cutter Roper Mix and Stable Mix Treat.  Other changes included the discontinuing of the Coral Mix and introducing specialized feeds for Beef, Sheep, and Goat.  Each one of these feeds has a premix, which is specially formulated for each animal.  The diameter of the pellet for Sheep Mix and Goat Mix was also changed to a 5/32″ pellet.  This makes it more palatable than the 1/4 ” pellet of the Corral Mix. Stable Mix Treat is the newest to our feed line and we are hoping to have it available for purchase by the end of July.  Packaging will most likely begin in 3.5 lb bags.  Our plan is to eventually bag it in 50 lb bags as well as a few smaller sizes.  Be sure to ask your local feed store for samples.

At our booth we were giving away samples of our feed as well as little momentos.  Each day we had a drawing with 10 winners per day.  Each winner will receive a gift certificate in the mail for one free 50# bag of Stable Mix.  On Monday after the show we drew for our grand prize winner, who will receive One Ton of Stable Mix.

The winners of the free bag of Stable Mix are Robyn Thornton, Dawn Lucas, Dianna Malley, Darrel Norcutt, Carol Dimaggio, Oliva Johnson, Betsey Beck, Peggy Christensen, Ellen Cark, Carson Adams, Lexi Hoover, Melanie DeGuire, Jennifer Davis, Lauren Dabb, Bob Adolf, Jason Cravenho, Alicia Harmon, Jean Riley, Terri Palombi, Lonne Sloan, Josephine House, Kadee Felton, Merlene Olmstead, Sarah Grisso, Mike Gray, George Arth, Tina Waters, Christine Hendricks, Kathy Fransen, Biancah Felby, Krista Christian, Donna Stenback, Jessica Maren, Robert Blackwell. The Grand Prize winner of 1 Ton of Stable Mix is Shauna Brantley.  Congratulations to all and thank you to everyone who participated!


Check out the pictures below to see the fun times we had at Expo 2011!






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