EHV1: Proactive Procedures at Elk Grove Milling

25 05 2011


Elk Grove Milling is taking proactive procedures to make sure not to add to the spread of the EVH1 virus.  We always pressure wash the barrels and lids once returned but have now implemented a procedure to rinse the barrels and lids with a 10% bleach solution.  After this the barrels are left to drip dry completely before being refilled. 

We are not stopping here.  We are taking additional steps by outfitting all Elk Grove Milling trucks with a spray bottle of the bleach solution as well as hand sanitizer.  The drivers are to spray the truck’s pedals, floor mats, running boards, their boots and gloves.  This is to be done after every delivery is complete to make sure nothing is taken from one delivery location to another.   The hand sanitizer is to be used by the driver but to also be used on the steering wheel, shifter and door handles.  To top it off, when the truck returns to the yard we are spraying down all tires on the trucks and trailers. 

Elk Grove Milling wants it’s customers to feel safe knowing, all procedures are being done to keep them and their animals safe.




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25 05 2011
Judy Hughes

What a wonderful response, thank you

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