2010 – An Elk Grove Milling Retrospective

2 12 2010

Happy Holidays from Elk Grove Milling2010 has quickly come to an end. It seems like it just started, but looking back there have been many changes in 2010 for Elk Grove Milling.

Some exciting highlights would be additions to our feed line.  We now have a Cutter-Roper Mix™, Goat Mix™, Sheep Mix™, Beef Mix™ and a new improved Rabbit Pellet! We thank all of you, our valued customers, for these new products. Without your input and support, they would not be available.

We upgraded our vitamin mineral pack to include Zinpro 4-Plex and Zinpro 100 trace minerals. These added trace minerals assist in hoof growth, hoof development, digestion and overall health and appearance of our animals.  We have seen and heard great success stories associated with the implementation.

Elk Grove Milling also arranged our first calendar photo contest!  Our Stable Mix™ Customers submitted photos of their horses, some performing and some wonderful candid shots along with their entry and story. There were 12 divisions to enter and 12 lucky winners  that were awarded 1,000 lbs. of Stable Mix!

A special thanks to our winners Marijanne Nichols, Gry McFarlane, Square Peg Foundation, Sarah Hutter, Jack Tone Ranch, Alana Koski, Hayley Hughes, Adrianne Bareilles, Dessy White, Kelly Hill, David Allen, and Becky Horat and all our incredible entrants for taking the time out of their schedules to support our first Calendar Photo Contest!  We feel it was a great success and we look forward to more pictures and stories next year for our 2012 Elk Grove Milling calendar. Thank you to all participants!

We, at Elk Grove Milling wish all of you a Wonderful Holiday Season and Best Wishes to you in the year to come.


Staff of Elk Grove Milling




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