Stable Mix in 10 steps

26 08 2010


Recipe: Stable Mix in 10 Steps

From the kitchen of: Elk Grove Milling, Inc.


Various Hays, Almond Hulls, Rice Bran, Soy Bean Meal, Salt and Vitamin/Mineral packs containing Zinpro 4 Plex and Zinpro 100.


Step 1: The various ingredients such as mixed hay, alfalfa hay, rice bran, soybean meal and almond hulls are weighed, inspected and unloaded in specified areas at Elk Grove Milling, Inc.  

Step 2: Each product has a specific formula which is converted to a mix card. The foreman instructs his crew to mix the ingredients, except the hay, together based on the specific mix card, going in by volume and weight.  


Step 3: The mix is then put into a hopper which is volumetrically controlled. The mix is metered at 45% into the product stream where it is blended with the required types of hay as they go through the grinder.

Step 4: From the grinder, the complete mix including hays, is airlifted to the top of the mill where it drops into the mill makeup hopper which drops into another mixer, continually mixing the product.


Step 5: The product then goes from the mixer to the steamer, where the product is continuously mixed as steam is injected into it.

Step 6: The steam mix is then dropped into the pellet mill. The product is dropped into the pelleting chamber, which consist of one die and two pellets. The rollers are stationary as the die revolves, forcing the feed through and creating small, soft, pellets.

Step 7: The pellets then drop out of the die and are placed onto the hot pellet conveyor which takes them to the elevator. They are then lifted up to the cooler. The cooler removes excess moisture from the steam injection, hardening the pellets.

Step 8: The cool, hard, pellets are then moved into a cleaner where broken pellets and fines are removed, reprocessed and eventually recirculated.

Step 9: The final product is then moved to storage tanks for bagging, barreling or sent to tanks for bulk loads.  

Step 10: Customers and orders come in and our crew packages the different products for purchase, shipment and delivery. The pellets are then ready to be fed to happy, healthy horses! YUM!





3 responses

1 04 2011
suzie greene

this was so neat to read! thanks guys, can you make the pictures bigger? i’d love to show it to my 4-h group! Do you guys do factory tours for youth horse groups?

4 08 2011


Send me an e-mail at and I can send you some of these pictures and discuss a possible tour.


23 01 2012
Laurie Alexander

I have 4 horses and one is 28 years old and he looks better than he EVER HAS!! My daughter is running in Collegiate Rodeo and has my pro horse and she is sponsored by your mill and we are so excited!! We have 4,5,6,12,28 in ages and they look better than they ever have. My daughter and her family are so proud to be represented by your mill, the product is amazing!! And Cheaper to feed and Cleaner!!!! Thank you!!!

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