And the winner is….

10 08 2010

Congratulations to our 2010 Horse Expo Winner, Robyn Thornton!


Robyn Thornton, owner of Cheyenne Stables, was this year’s Western State’s Horse Expo grand prize winner! Robyn has been in business since 2003 and runs a family friendly stable. As well as a boarding facility she also offers a work to ride program and is a vendor for the South Sutter Charter Homeschoolers. The Stables focus primarily on western riders and trail riding. She currently boards 35 horses ranging from minis to draft crosses and everything in between. Most of her horses are rescue horses that she has rehabilitated and nourished back to health. Robyn’s work ethic and dedication to horses is just the type of customers we love to see and we are proud to congratulate her as our grand prize winner!


Want to win a free ton of feed just like Robyn? Be sure to come by our booth next year during the 2011 Western States Horse Expo and enter our drawing!




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26 08 2010

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