Sacramento County Fair

2 06 2010

Cal Expo Center has hosted another successful Sacramento County Fair! This past memorial weekend kids from all over Sacramento County showed up to show and auction off the animals they have raised. Elk Grove Milling, a proud supporter of the Jr. Livestock Auction and local FFA and 4-H chapters, was there to participate and bid on animals. This year, we are proud to announce the 11 individuals Elk Grove Milling supported in their 2010 agricultural experience!

Thomas Bettencourt
-Elk Grove FFA: Market Hog

Kelsey Huff
-Elk Grove FFA: Market Beef

Natalie Ross
-Delta FFA: Market Hog

Eric Davis
-Delta FFA: Market Lamb

Ashwin Naidu
-Elk Grove FFA: Market Rabbit

Sydney DaSilva
-Franklin 4-H: Market Hog

Luciano Santiago
-Elk Grove FFA: Market Hog

Kelsey Eldridge
-Galt FFA: Market Lamb

Gretchen Schauer
-Delta FFA: Market Hog

Michayla Davidson
-Herald 4-H: Market Hog

Maya Wistos
-Wilton 4-H: Market Goat

Congratulations to all of the particpants. Your hard work and determination showed and paid off! Enjoy your success and good luck in future years to come!




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